Saturday, January 14, 2012

Who Am I?

Dave Howard was born and raised in Albany, Oregon USA. After earning a bachelor’s degree in journalism at Whitworth University (Spokane, Washington) he did graduate study at San Diego (California) State University. Now retired, he spent most of his working years employed as a journalist and for eight years was the anchor of a half-hour television talk show focused on agriculture and rural affairs. For several years right out of college he was employed as an elementary school teacher, a social worker and labor union field representative before returning to journalism.

In 1992 his lengthy history book People, Pride and Progress: 125 Years of the Grange in America was published. The foreword to the book was written by U.S. Representative Thomas Foley, then Speaker of the House and later U.S. Ambassador to Japan.

Howard has been a lifelong student of religion. Raised as a Baptist, he converted to the Episcopal Church in college after spending a couple of years affiliated with a Pentecostal congregation. He was accepted as a postulant for the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane and admitted to Episcopal Theological School in Cambridge, Massachusetts but at the last minute decided to leave the path to the priesthood and attend San Diego State instead. The contents of this blog will include his observations on religion and spirituality that are based on a lifetime of study and experience.

Howard also maintains a website for The Universal Message, a nonprofit religious organization he formed in 1967. That site is devoted to the life and teachings of New Thought pioneer A.K. Mozumdar (see Discussions on this current blog about spiritualism and the paranormal reflect Howard’s personal views and are not to be extended to The Universal Message or the work of A.K. Mozumdar. Howard emphasizes, however, that there is no conflict between what is recorded on this blog and the message taught by Mozumdar and he encourages all serious seekers for truth to mine the wealth of knowledge and truth that is contained in Mozumdar’s writings.

Since graduation from college Howard has remained unattached to orthodox churches; however, for several years he taught and preached regularly in a Unity Church. A firm believer in the power of New Thought teachings, he also accepts the mass of evidence supporting continuity of life after so-called death and the reality of communication with those who have already passed over to the world of spirit. He sits regularly with his wife Georgetta in a small home (spiritualist) circle that has had remarkable success in communicating with those on the “other side.”

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