Monday, January 16, 2012

Commentary On Our Links

The growth of the Internet has meant that students of the afterlife have an ever-expanding batch of resources available right at home – most of them for no cost. While there is some junk out there, we have been blessed with a wide range of quality websites that provide excellent information. I have provided on this blog (left-hand column) a list of my favorites. It is by no means complete but many of the sites in the list have additional links that can lead to even more information.

At the top of the list are two sites that I HIGHLY recommend because I use them myself on a weekly basis. The first is a site maintained by retired Australian attorney Victor Zammit who has arguably done more for proliferation of information about afterlife studies over the years than anyone else since the advent of the Internet. His site is chock full of valuable information and I urge anyone approaching these studies to read his book, A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife. You can join his e-list and get an electronic copy of the book free but it is also available in a print edition. Also consider subscribing to Victor’s fascinating free weekly email “Afterlife Report” and check out his online videos.

The next link is for my second highly-recommended site – Michael Tymn’s fortnightly blog. Mike comes very close to matching Victor’s output and I’ve always found his posts to be instructive and enjoyable to read. His specialty is the history of spiritualism and mediumship and there’s no doubt that no one alive knows more about these topics than Mike. We’ve exchanged many emails over the years and I never hesitate to refer someone his way. He also has two marvelous books out on these topics with a third on the way. Those titles are, in order of publication, The Articulate Dead (2008 – a fun-to-read history of many pioneers in mediumship) and The Afterlife Revealed (2011 – answering the question “what happens after we die” by quoting communications received from the spirit world). His new book due out in February 2012 will be Transcending the Titanic: Beyond Death's Door. It promises to be another insightful title.

Dr. Gary Schwartz (the next link) is Professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry and Surgery at the University of Arizona and his website describes several of his books. As a scientist he has been unafraid to do research on mediumship and his 2003 book The Afterlife Experiments: Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death details some of his amazing experiments. Those studies continue at the university and everyone interested in life-after-so-called-death owes Dr. Schwartz a great deal for his pioneering work.

Another Ph.D. who has contributed a lot is Dr. R. Craig Hogan and his website is next in our links list. His amazing book Your Eternal Self (2008) could change the world if more and more people would read it. It is described on Craig’s website and portions of the book can be read online. In it Dr. Hogan has described much scientific research that supports the notion of continuance of life after so-called death.

The next blog in our list – Ken Carey’s Blog – may seem to be out of place here and perhaps it is. However, I’ve read many of Ken’s incredible channeled books that have been kept in print for decades by Harper and his central message is that we are spirit incarnated into matter with a high purpose to fulfill. This is, by the way, identical to the message received through mediumship over the past 150 years. Ken’s blog, however, focuses on prophesies about the 2011-2012 time period. Various mediums over the past 100 years have also predicted dynamic changes ahead for our earth and humankind – and don’t forget all the predictions that emanated from Edgar Cayce’s work. Soooo, I drop Ken’s blog in here in case someone might be interested. I believe it to be the only one in the list that is not spirit communication in orientation. It has been interesting for me to read.

Listed next is Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, the website for the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies. This is a prestigious organization that has on its list of leaders a great many Ph.D.s including R. Craig Hogan listed above and university professor Dr. L. Stafford Betty (author of The Afterlife Unveiled, published in 2011). Michael Tymn is editor of their quarterly Journal of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies as well as their magazine, The Searchlight. This organization and those that follow are doing important work in the field of afterlife studies and serious students should belong to as many as possible.

The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom’s website has many good articles and features concerning mediumship and afterlife communication. The next website, sponsored by the International Association of Near Death Studies, concentrates on near death experiences and what they tell us concerning who we are and what we might expect following this life. IANDS is led by a group of highly educated individuals who are dedicated to research into near death studies.

“Evidence for Survival,” next in our list, is a shortened title for the website’s sponsor, The Association for Evaluation and Communication of Evidence for Survival. Mike Tymn’s name appears again on this site as one of AECES’s officers. An especially helpful feature of the site is their Afterlife Guide which taps many sources for short quotes from spirit concerning what we all have to look forward to on the “other side.”

The website I’ve named “Electronic Spirit Communication” is maintained by Association TransCommunication, a group doing research into the emerging field of spirit communication by means of tape recorders, computers and similar devices. I think you’ll find their information of interest because this process has the potential of making spirit contact easier and more widespread.

The next several links are resources for connecting with others and obtaining electronic copies of spiritualist books. The first is “Spiritualist Resources,” a site from Seattle that makes it easy to find spiritualist churches, online books and blogs, mediums, etc. Next comes a favorite of mine, “Spirit Writings” that has free downloadable files of dozens and dozens of fantastic spiritualist books. Next is “Esoteric Books” that also has many books online. The following four links – “Survival Books,” “Ghost Circle Books,”  “Magick Spells Books” and “The Great Question” each contain many online books for your reading pleasure. The latter site contains several from my favorite vintage spiritualist author, Arthur Findlay; you’ll read about him in later posts on this blog. The “Magick Spells” book list includes a fascinating read on independent voice and trumpet mediumship, Broadcasting from Beyond by A.E. Perriman.

An outstanding feature of the next link, sponsored by the Forever Family Foundation, is numerous audio files archived under the heading “Signs of Life Radio.”

“The Voice Box” is a site that has a lot of good information and it is followed by another favorite of mine – “Physical Mediumship 4U.” This is the brain-child of Robin Foy who now lives in Spain where he conducts regular workshops and other events to spread the word about physical mediumship. He also was the leader of the Scole Group in England that made a lasting contribution to afterlife research in the 1990s. Physical Mediumship 4U is a membership site (free) and a very active and interesting one at that. Join in and follow the chatter; you’ll learn a lot about this one rare branch of mediumship.

“Ground of Faith” is an online magazine about afterlife topics written by convinced clergy and other capable individuals. Archived copies are available. Next comes an “Afterlife Database” containing a large amount of information about this topic.

The last site in my current listing, “Debunking Skeptics Site,” was, I believe, the brain child of Victor Zammit. A number of convinced scientists have joined with him to help clear up confusion about the afterlife created by close-minded skeptics who refuse to examine the evidence. The site’s sponsoring group is known officially as the Scientific Committee to Evaluate Pseudoskeptical Criticism of the Paranormal. Spend some time here and you’ll learn a lot!

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