Sunday, January 15, 2012

About This Blog

The Spirit Communion Blog exists to inform the curious about spiritualism which has in the past been described variously as a philosophy, a religion and as a science. In addition to covering the basics of spirit communication I will attempt from time to time to touch on related issues arising from it, including the nature of reality and matter; our personal identity as spirit beings in the world of matter; the necessary revision of religious teachings and traditions that afterlife communication reveals; the history of spiritualism and forms of mediumship; individual spiritual growth; and much more.

My goal is not to debate skeptics or get involved in arguments; other sites do a splendid job with that. Instead, I expect to reach out to individuals like me who have a conviction that this life in matter is only the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully the blog can provide encouragement, information and rational explanations about the reality of the afterlife so readers can advance on their own spiritual path. There is a wealth of solid information available that all but proves this life on earth is just the beginning of a wonderful journey and I’m looking forward to sharing some of this with readers.

When encountering the word “spiritualism” on this blog it is to be considered in its generic sense. I do not wish the word to stand for any particular organization or religious group but, rather, to indicate a broad field of investigation and practice that surrounds afterlife studies. I have found that “spiritualism” is much more that what one sees at a spiritualist church. That being said, I hasten to add that I respect and admire all churches that are attempting to share the wonderful message that is at the core of spiritualism. The spiritualist church remains as a common ground where we can get acquainted with others who share our views and learn many things together. However, I believe the best spiritualist work has always been done in small home circles – many consisting of members of spiritualist churches but most, perhaps, being unaffiliated individuals. In recent years the presence of spiritualist churches has declined in many localities which makes the Internet and blogs like this even more important.

Today there is an abundance of both anecdotal and scientific evidence for the continuance of life after so-called “death.” It’s my experience that when one studies this, thinks about it rationally and allows it to shape belief and conduct then life here on earth takes on a new and more beautiful dimension. With this vision in sight, we launch Spirit Communion with the hope that it helps many.  – Dave Howard


  1. Hi Dave,
    I didn't know you were doing this. What a great idea!

    I'm almost finished reading Arthur Findlay's autobiography, LOOKING BACK, and I highly recommend this book to those unfamiliar with spiritualism. I like his style but more importantly, he concentrates on the scientific aspect of spiritualism and provides some overall explanation of where religion actually began.

    His study of comparative religions is given most particularly in-depth in his books, THE CURSE OF IGNORANCE VOLUMES 1 & 2.

    His first book, ON THE EDGE OF THE ETHERIC OR SURVIVAL AFTER DEATH SCIENTIFICALLY EXPLAINED, would be an excellent beginning for anyone who is of a more skeptical mind and interested in learning more about spiritualism. I have a copy of it and can hardly wait to begin reading it.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from others on your blog about any authors they particularly like.


  2. Thank you, Linda. I fully expect to go into depth about Arthur Findlay and his books in future blog posts because I think his work, though somewhat dated by now, is still the "gold standard" of spiritualist writing.

  3. Hi Dave:

    So glad to see this blog of yours. I really appreciate your review of new books on mediumship, proving that the "golden age" of Spiritualism is not gone. While the older literature is wonderful, we need to hear from those of today who are carrying on the work of such people like Arthur Findley.

    1. Hi Read
      In Dave's 'Three amazing books' He lists Tom Harrison's book and although Tom's book is mainly about his mother's mediumship he also has included some phenomena we witnessed with Stewart Alexander, in his home circle. Publishing Tom's book led me to be asked to publish others and now there are 15 books under SNPP name. Some are of old mediums but there are 4 about the work of Stewart Alexander and also an autobiography on the expereinces of Eric Hatton who was the President of the SNU for a number of years and who was a close friend of Gordon Higginson. I hope you will take a look. All the books are available on amazon but the CDs of spirit voices need to be ordered from the UK.

  4. Hi Dave

    Thank you for all the work you have put into this site and thank you for choosing two of our books.

    I hope you will go on to read the books which Katie Halliwell has done on sitting with Stewart Alexander.

    Just a note for those Findlay fans: Re: Mrs Agnes Abbott who gave Findlay the trance sitting in 1936 and recorded it in 'On the edge of the Etheric' and 'Looking Back', with 92 correct facts, was Tom Harrison's aunt and she was the main communicator in his mother's circle and materialised every week - 'Aunt Agg'and she is still around.